Note: Refund for event “Beautiful Noise” will be open as from Wednesday 3rd May

Who Are We

We are the people’s cashless solution for the eventing world. We specialize in NFC cashless payments, where we strive to create safer and faster payments which ultimately facilitates a more enjoyable festival experience for our eventgoers.

Our strategic direction is strongly based upon providing customers with a Lifetime Event-Card that can be reused at all our future events and festivals. Our Cashless King Event-Card never expires and thus the left-over funds on the card are left to the disposal of our customers, whether they would like to keep the funds on the card for the next event or simply refund their funds through our online refund platform.

What is yours will always be yours.

How It Works

Get Loaded

Find the top-up station at the event and load your cashless card with funds.

Tap to Pay

Once you are loaded, tap to pay at any Vendor within the event.


Get a top-up at any cashless King station within the event

Reuse your Card

Keep your card and reuse it at all our future events, your funds never expire.

Get Refunded

Visit our website after the event and request a refund.

What We Do

We make use of NFC technology in order to create cashless payments for events and festivals within South Africa. Enhancing our customers' experiences, creating safe events, speeding up transactions and unlocking the power of data and analytics for our Vendors/ Organizers is at the forefront of what we do.

Why Us?

  • Reduced risk due to no cash.
  • Faster transactions, which take exactly 3 seconds without fail.
  • Boosted revenue due to faster transactions.
  • Product reports for Vendors.
  • Event analytics for Event Organizers.
  • A Life Time Event-Card.
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Let's Go Cashless

Looking to take your festival to the next stage, well Cashless King is the way forward. Through less risk, faster transactions, boosted revenue and the power of unlocking your invaluable data through analytics - we guarantee you that once you go cashless, you will never go back.

Fill in the form and let’s get the show on the road.

Redeem Your Cash

Reuse your event-card at any future Cashless King event, your funds never expire nor does your card. Alternatively, cash out at your leisure. Refunds open Monday morning following the event taken place on any given weekend.

Please Note: A refund fee of R10 is applicable for every refund. You must be 18 years or older to qualify for a refund due to the KYC compliance. If you are younger than 18, please request that a parent or guardian applies for a refund on your behalf.

Apply for Refund
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