Why cashless & why Cashless King

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When it comes to events, concerts, and festivals, arguably the most frustrating part of the experience is at sales points. Between the long lines, juggling with change, spotty internet connection and the safety risk associated with handling cash, vendors, organizers and event goers are desperate for a reliable and convenient method to make transactions fast and easy.

It was in answer to this desire for a secure and efficient solution that Cashless King was developed – a concept that specifically focuses on the needs of the event goer, the event organizer and their respective vendors. The Cashless King solution covers the needs of this entire network, delivering an efficient and effective method to transact at an event or gathering, whether large or small.

The cashless customer journey

The process is seamless and simple

  • Get Loaded.

Event goers purchase the Cashless King card for a nominal
fee and load a predetermined amount of their choosing onto
the card.

  • Tap To Pay

The card is now loaded with event currency and works in a similar fashion to a Debit or Credit card without the limitations of mobile connectivity. With a single tap, users can purchase anything from drinks and food, right down to merchandise and special offers anywhere within the event locale.

Not only does this system make the entire transaction fast and efficient, but it also provides the vendor with ultimate stock control, higher sales potential due to faster turnaround times, and a reduced risk of theft and cash loss


The cashless customer journey

The process is seamless and simple.

  • Top Up

Event goers can easily refill their cards at both fixed and mobile “top up stations” thereby maximizing the visitors’ engagement by creating seamless spending experiences.

  • Get Refunded or Reuse Your Card

Following the event, attendees can be refunded through the Cashless King website for the remaining balance on the card or keep it for the next festival supported by Cashless King – the money never expires. The entire cycle breeds transparency and honesty, fostering a positive experience enjoyed by the event goer and greater acceptance towards the cashless system.