An enhanced vendor experiences

There are cost savings to be had through the elimination of cash – zero bank deposit fees, fast reconciliation, greater stock control, and no risk of theft or fraud. Plus, transaction times are so much faster, more can be purchased, and the resulting revenue is higher.


Generating revenue prior to the event

With a cashless payment system in place fans will be invited to pre-load their account with credit prior to the event itself. This allows for fans to budget for the event and creates a revenue stream for festival organisers. Furthermore, it gives an indication of anticipated spend so organisers can plan and budget accordingly

Improve and aid social distancing

With the advent of COVID, we have seen a greater adoption of cashless payments platforms worldwide; the growth in mobile and contactless card payments, the acceptance of keeping a distance for your health, concerns over handling cash – these are all strong signals that consumer behaviours have made a huge shift and are unlikely to return to old habits.

Festival organisers need to think about the expectations and hygiene concerns of their visitors and staff and how they can make everyone feel as safe and comfortable as possible.


An inexpensive and effective solution

Cashless King is extremely low in initial cash outlay and charges are usually based on the revenue earned i.e., a percentage is added onto vendors sales, which covers the solutions cost. It is therefore in our best interest to provide you with a solution that will enhance the visitors experience and ultimately increase their spend. There are very little upfront costs for the event organiser, including fees for staffing, travel and, where necessary, accommodation.