Refunds at an event

Refunds are available in cash at any Cashless King event from the Cashless King counters.

Refund requests after an event

Please click on the button below to request a refund of the balance of your card. The full balance on the card less the processing fee of R10 will be refunded to the specified bank account. Please ensure you enter all requested information accurately:

Refund Application

Please allow a week after an event for event reconciliations to be finalized before refunds commence. The processing timetable outlined in the refund process below may be affected by this once off event reconciliation process.

Refunds of card balances may be requested at any time.

Refund Process

Refunds are processed once a week on a Friday or the next business day if a public or bank holiday. All refund requests received by close of business on a Thursday will be included in the weekly refund run. Processing costs of a refund is R10 which will be deducted from the card balance.

Please allow at least 3 business days for refunds to reflect. If the refund does not reflect in your account on Wednesday, you may send a query to

Please note that due to the volume of refunds processed, only email will be used as a channel to resolve refund queries.

NB: Only enter refund bank account details for an account that is allowed to accept direct deposits. Accounts such as savings accounts, credit card accounts, home loan accounts etc. may not accept direct deposits and will be rejected by your bank.

Rejected Refunds

If you have entered incorrect bank details or an account that does not accept direct deposits, you will be notified via email on a Tuesday or the following business day if a public or bank holiday. Please ensure you enter correct email information during the refund request process. Corrected information will be processed during the next refund run. Please note that this will incur an additional processing cost of R10.

You are assured that all refund queries will be responded to and resolved by the Cashless King team.